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Repotting Your Plants!

Repotting your plants can seem intimidating but here are some helpful tips that will make it super easy.

So….. how do you know if you need to repot your plants?

🪴You’ll know it’s time for repotting when you notice roots hanging from the bottom of the pot, slowed growth and even the absence of soil. This can be a sign that your plant is root-bound and is in need of more space.

So let’s get to it!

🪴Step 1

Select a pot that is 2” larger than the current pot. Be sure not to go to big!!

🪴Step 2

Fill the new pot one-third of the way full with your choice of potting soil/ amendments
(Check out our posts about soil and amendments)

🪴Step 3

Remove plant from old pot, loosening roots and shaking old soil off. If needed remove all dead/mushy roots…. If needed you can rinse them off.

🪴Step 4

Place the plant in the center of the new pot and fill with soil covering all roots completely, gently press and water!

**allow your newly potted plant to rest, transplant shock is common however most plants do bounce back quickly.

Happy repotting 🪴🪴

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